Goal: to develop a full range of printing services for the fitness club (clothes branding , outdoor advertising, internet banners, distributing printing, advertising on transport, corporate identity carriers, email - distribution, schedule)

Clothes branding

Clothing with branding is one of the most important elements of the company corporate identity. Employees of the fitness club, dressed in branded clothes with the company logo are people who carry the values of your brand.

Outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising is the most massive type of visual advertising, which leads in coverage of consumers. Signboards, billboards, banners, advertising flags are located almost at every corner in the liveliest areas of the cities and every day they are seen by millions of people.

Brand Elements

In today's world, business cards are an indispensable attribute of business communication. The presentation of the business card takes place personally, straight at the first meeting or at the beginning of business negotiations.

Leaflet is a low-cost variant of the advertising booklet, intended for mass distribution. Due to its compact size and bright color solutions it is very convenient and profitable advertising material.

Fitness club schedule

The design of well-structured group schedule is developed. Thanks to a convenient schedule of the trainings, sports can easily stick into the rhythm of life. “FitnessMania” works for 15 hours a day. Visitors are not tied to instructors, activities and halls.

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