Goal: to create a logotype, brand identity, and a brand book for hookah club.

Business goal: to create a logo without using inside-the-box images of hookahs and coffee shops, which are common for a number of cafes and restaurants. The logo should be strict, memorable and reflect the naming of the club.


The brand logo "The Band" is a combined one, which consists of a symbol and a font composition. The symbol is based on a triangle figure. The text component of the brand name is written by chopped type. The general idea of the logo is to reflect the activity, to make a statement on the market, to display the premium class at budget prices.

Logo’s basic version

Bicolor image of the logo
set against a light background
Monochrome image of the logo
set against light background
Bicolor image of the logo set
against dark background

The signature font


For the main texts was chosen Roboto Condensed font headset without serifs to maintain the brand style.

Font family package includes a number of different font types and supports Multi-Language option.

The font has a mechanical skeleton and geometric shape. This grotesque style allows you to preserve the natural rhythm of reading, which is usually found in serif typefaces.

The composition of the main logo is built in the grotesque style of Acherus Militant 1 font, the outline is Bold.

Graphic Patterns

Based on the logo style, brand graphic patterns were developed that should be used for booking the business documents, POS materials, souvenirs, packaging, advertising web layouts, etc.

The combined parts are based on auxiliary elements and geometric shapes. The pattern should be executed in the main palette colors only on brand-name carriers, otherwise, it is possible to do exceptions and use a different color scheme.

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