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The website is first of all a business tool. It must totally serve to the business development, get a job done and streamline the business processes. Regardless of whether we make your project from the scratch or optimize it as an existing website, we are taking the following STEPS:

Operation stages

We scrutinize your business and define the objective goal that the website must perform


Analyze the market

  • we conduct the competitive analysis;
  • we make a profile of the target client taking into account the geographical, psychological, aging and economical characteristics;
  • we analyze the search engines trends based on key phrases.

Testing the project

  • functionality;
  • usability;
  • productivity;
  • user interface (UI testing);
  • the website code analysis;
  • optionally: we test sale channels (an operator's response time and competence, communication with the client, sales scripts).

Attracting the target audience

  • SEO (the website optimization to improve the positions in search engine results);
  • targeted and contextual advertising for a relevant audience;
  • RTB (real-time bidding systems for your advertising);
  • searching for substitute channels basing on your business specifics.

We work on increasing the loyalty and conversion

  • we conduct you with web analytics;
  • improve usability;
  • optimize your content marketing;
  • work on SMM + SERM (search engine reputation management and social media optimization).

We retain visitors

  • fill the website with adaptive content;
  • offer promotions and bonuses;
  • интегрируем системы вовлеченность.

We encourage customers to revisit website

  • remarketing;
  • SMS (not recommended, but it’s up to you);
  • E-mail marketing.

By accomplishing all the actions incorporate the main goal of creating the website – increase websites traffic and goods and services sales

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