Get Much

Get Much is developed on a voluntary basis by companies operating in the transport and logistics market of Ukraine.
Our goal is in developing of Ukrainian freight carriers’ community. In creating conditions that will allow you to carry out your professional activities at a higher level, as well as avoid the problems inherent in the current realities of the country's transport and forwarding business.

Brand fonts

For creating main texts with this brand style was chosen a font family sans-serif typeface PT SANS.
Font family package includes a number of different font types and supports Multi-Language option.
This font is very popular for reading on modern digital gadgets. PT SANS family combines a conservative shape and modern trends and is characterized with high legibility.


We have chosen red and blue coloring for website color range.
Red color has an intensive tone, which sends very strong emotions. On the site, it represents strength and vigor, stimulates activity in the emotional mood.
The blue color symbolizes reliability, peace, confidence, creates a feeling of calm and trust. This is the most common color in the business environment and is widely used on corporate websites to create a sense of confidence, strength and reliability.

Development of branded icons

During creation of the website for building navigation, were designed icons, which symbolize the stages of the project's development. Adequately selected icons allow not only to simplify the life of users, but also to improve the site’s conversion indicators, which are directly related to profit.

Responsive design

No matter from which device the user opens the Get Much site, is it a computer with a full-sized monitor, tablet or smartphone, the site will look equally nice.
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